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At HEAR4U, we’re committed to providing you with the most straightforward approach to hearing healthcare in a compassionate and friendly atmosphere. Utilizing the latest technology in both Assessment and Diagnostics, we will continue updating our practice and skills to achieve results that provide better hearing and understanding.

Our philosophy demands that our patients come first, and on an individual basis, regardless of insurance benefits or payment options. Our focus has always been and will continue to provide personalized service that exceeds industry standards, and produces successful and satisfied patients.


"My successes in patient hearing healthcare are attributed to a 'treat everyone like family' attitude and realistic approach to professional, considerate care and respect. These many long lasting relationships extend far beyond the doors of any office setting. I find that the key to success is PROVIDING the level of service excellence I in turn expect to receive." - KL

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Kirt Loupe

Practitioner/Hearing Specialist

Kirt Loupe is the founder of HEAR4U, LLC located in Lake Charles, Louisiana and a graduate of McNeese State University, where he completed a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management. Licensed for practice as a Hearing Specialist in Louisiana since 2002, Mr. Loupe served three consecutive terms as President of the Louisiana Society of Hearing Aid Specialists, was appointed in 2009 to District I and again in 2018 to District IV to serve on the Louisiana Board of Hearing Aid Dealers. He was appointed by the International Hearing Society to serve as Captain of the Fit to Serve Campaign, leading the charge of advocacy for U.S. Veterans' hearing healthcare benefits both at the state and federal levels, and to support the legislative and regulatory efforts for all hearing healthcare practitioners. Mr. Loupe has been an active contributor to research and collaboration for the development of current hearing instrument technologies, practice protocols, and been awarded numerous Customer Service and Patient Satisfaction Achievement Awards during his tenure.
My goal as your hearing healthcare practitioner is to be the one who takes the time to listen to your concerns and do what's right for your individual needs and lifestyle. Having attained more than twenty years of experience, expertise and critical understanding of how today's hearing instrument technology functions is an extreme advantage when it comes to getting it right from the beginning. Listening, Experience, Expertise, and Critical Understanding are key factors in helping patients to hear and understand better in their most challenging situations.
- K.L.

What Our Clients Say

My new Unitron Moxi Blu-R hearing instruments fit very well behind my ears and don’t offer any conflict while wearing glasses or hat. I have been pleased with the fit/feel/comfort. They have been very good in providing me the ability to understand conversations in quiet settings and small groups (4-6 people). They provide such an improvement to help me not only hear and understand conversations, but to also hear the sounds of nature that I have not heard for many years now. I don’t listen to music very often, but I have tried this feature out using “Pandora” as my source. The quality of the music is extraordinary. I used to sing in quartet groups years ago and it’s very pleasing to be able to hear the chords again. I tend to watch news articles and YouTube DIY articles via my Android phone and the streaming sound quality on these is phenomenal. The streaming features that I have experienced have been very exciting. The Unitron Remote Plus app is very good, well laid out, easy to use, providing me, the end user the ability to “fine tune” some instances where I need help understanding conversations, without having to find the small buttons on the hearing aids. This is a huge benefit for me! Since I have been using the Unitron Moxi Blu-Rs, the rechargeable batteries have really impressed me. Other than using the hearing aids as designed, the additional load on the batteries by my streaming and phone usage , the batteries have held up very well. I’m averaging around 15 hours use each day, and at the end of the day there’s still plenty of battery reserve. In a nutshell, the Unitron Moxi Blu R hearing aids provide me with excellent hearing improvement, and the addition of the perks of streaming and the supportive phone app make these instruments a complete package for anyone with hearing difficulties. Most importantly, I recognize that without the expert knowledge and experience provided by my hearing specialist, the highest quality hearing instruments would not simply MAKE me hear better! I highly recommend trusting Kirt Loupe’s HEAR4U for all your hearing needs.
- Harold F.

Unitron Moxi BLU 9-Rs
I have fought hearing loss for years and being in the casino business makes it even more difficult to find hearing aids to help.  Not wanting to be able to see the hearing aid was always a priority for me so I tried models that were out of sight completely in the ear as well as behind the ear models.
They all helped, and I thought that was about as good as it gets. When my last set were nearing the end of their life expectancy, I decided it was time to up-grade to a better more efficient set of hearing aids.
I am so very happy I finally decided to make the move. I bought the Unitron Moxi BLU 9 Rs after much discussion with my hearing specialist at HEAR4U.  Wow, am I glad I did.  Everything about these hearing aids increased their effectiveness, the biggest plus to these is how they make the background noise seem to fade away, helping to be able to carry on conversations in a very noisy environment.
The charging station is so easy and not having to worry about changing batteries and batteries going dead on me at the most inopportune times is a huge plus. With these they keep their charge well past a days and nights work. They have never run out of charge on me during waking hours.
Having to talk on the phone was a nightmare for me but with the bluetooth system and having them paired to my phone is a god send.  I can now talk on the phone anywhere I am.  I no longer need to search for a quiet spot or go outside to be able to talk.
One thing that I find special is the way you can adjust them from the app on your phone. That makes it so easy to adjust to different environments with a touch of button.
The bottom line is I could not be happier with the performance of these new hearing aids and I am so glad I spent the money and got something that works so well for me.

- Bret Wood

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