Hearing Aid Fittings

The fitting process for hearing aids is a multi-step process that begins after your hearing evaluation and assessment of your current situation and needs. Once it has been determined that hearing aids are a good option for you, the following steps are essential for a successful fitting and adjustment. At HEAR4U, we make sure your instruments are comfortable to wear, easy for your to use, and are properly adjusted to your unique needs so you hear the best that you are able.
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Step 1

Hearing Aid Selection

Our expert will recommend specific options and help you determine which style fits your specific needs for optimum sound quality and comfort.

Step 2

Ear Molds and Impressions

After selection of the best hearing aid option for you, it can be necessary to make specific fitting adjustments that require taking impressions of the ear canals so molds can be fitted properly and comfortably.

Step 3

Calibration, Programming & Education

Just as important as a proper and comfortable fitting, your hearing specialist will utilize all the technological advances available to calibrate and digitally program the instruments to your individual prescriptive settings so speech can be determined with clarity.

Step 4

Acclimating to Your New Hearing Aids and Listening

Wearing new hearing aids for the first time can be an emotional and rewarding experience.

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Don't wait for hearing loss to affect your happiness and well-being. You cannot regain the hearing you once had if it progresses, but you can protect and improve the hearing you have now. We can help! Schedule an appointment with us today and stop hearing loss in its tracks!
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