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Many of our nation's heroes struggle with hearing loss, a symptom commonly associated with military service. Unfortunately, accessing the right kind of support can be difficult for veterans, as navigating through the maze of resources offered by the VA and other organizations can be time-consuming and confusing. To address this issue, we are dedicated to offering specialized services to help veterans manage hearing loss issues. Services include hearing tests and fittings for both hearing aids and assistive listening devices such as personal amplified systems, communication devices, or tele-hearing options.
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Veterans and Hearing Loss

Veterans have a unique set of requirements when it comes to their hearing health, and understanding the causes of hearing loss is essential to protecting them. Unfortunately, many veterans suffer from noise-induced hearing loss due to their service in hostile environments. Loud explosions, gunfire, and machinery can all contribute to long-term damage to auditory nerves. Other veterans may experience high-frequency hearing loss as a result of using headphones or communication headsets during missions.

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Managing this type of hearing loss can be particularly tricky given that high-frequency sounds often carry important information, making them difficult to ignore even if the volume is turned down lower. Additionally, veterans should be mindful of tinnitus, an often chronic ringing sound in the ears that can be caused by exposure to loud noises. By recognizing the causes and symptoms of these types of impairments early on, veterans can take steps towards preserving their remaining hearing whenever possible. Fortunately, with advances in technology, there are now many options available to ensure our veteran heroes stay connected while maintaining a fulfilling quality of life despite any hearing difficulties they might encounter.

Our qualified professionals are available to help assess each veteran’s individual situation and determine the best course of action to meet their hearing healthcare needs. In addition to offering these services, we are also committed to raising awareness about the significance of hearing healthcare for veterans in order to create better conditions for those who served our country. By providing specialized resources to assist veterans with managing their hearing health needs, we serve an invaluable function in ensuring that all members of our armed forces are able to receive the care they need.
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Don't wait for hearing loss to affect your happiness and well-being. You cannot regain the hearing you once had if it progresses, but you can protect and improve the hearing you have now. We can help! Schedule an appointment with us today and stop hearing loss in its tracks!
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